1. Set up X11 forwarding on the local machine:

To use the RStudio GUI, Charlie allows X11 forwarding. For X forwarding to function, your local machine has to be running an X server program. To set up a X server on the local machine, please refer to this page for a brief guide:

2. Connect to cfe with X11 forwarding option:

With Bigelow VPN,
ssh -Y <username>@cfe
With no Bigelow VPN,
Use ssh port forwarding. For example, in the first terminal, to establish a connection to cfe, run:
ssh -L 2200:cfe:22 <username>
Then, in the second terminal, connect to cfe by running:
ssh -Y -p 2200 <username>@localhost

3. Start an interactive session with X11 forwarding

qsub -I -X -q route -l walltime=8:00:00 -l ncpus=2,mem=32G -N rstudio

4. Load RStudio module

module load rstudio

5. Start RStudio