Scenario: You have a fasta file, called my_seqs.fasta, with multiple nucleotide sequences in it that you would like to compare to NCBI's nr using Charlie.
What do you do?

Getting on Charlie:

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    On your local machine, move your fasta file into a directory system that you have access to on Charlie.
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    Open up a terminal, sign into the charlie front end ssh [email protected]
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    Navigate into the directory that contains your fasta file cd /mounted/fs/blasts/ 3a. Check to see that your fasta file is in the directory you've navigated to: ls my_seqs.fasta

Setting up your BLAST

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    Set up your BLAST submission:
Putting together a job submission requires you provide the parameters required to submit a job, and the actual commands you will run. Job submission instructions begin with #PBS, shell commands go after the PBS parameters. So for our BLAST example, save the following, with adjusted commands and parameters for your specific BLAST, as a text file on Charlie (for example, save it as: to your home directory):
#PBS -N script-name
#PBS -q route
#PBS -l walltime=00:05:00
#PBS -lselect=1:ncpus=1
#PBS -e /home/kguay/errors/
#PBS -o /home/kguay/out/
module use /mod/bigelow
module load blast
blastx -query my_seqs.fasta -db nr -outfmt 6 -num_descriptions 10 -num_alignments 10 -evalue 0.001 -num_threads 8 -out outputblastfile.txt

Submit the job

Once you've put together this submission text, submit the job by typing: qsub ~/
You can see the status of your submitted job (and all jobs in the queue) by typing: qstat -a
Once your job is finished, it will disappear from the queue.

What does it all mean?

PBS commands breakdown

Script name will show up in the PBS queue: #PBS -N script-name
Use submission environment: #PBS -V
Choose which queue to submit to: link here to PBS queues options #PBS -q route
Set max time for run: #PBS -l walltime=00:20:00
TODO: My understanding of this particular command is fuzzy. For BLAST, there's a --num_threads command. If I input num_threads=20 then should my ncpus=20? Leave select=1 regardless of how many cpus you are using. Set the number of nodes and cpus per node: #PBS -l select=1:ncpus=1
Sends error outputs to specific directory #PBS -e /home/kguay/errors/
Sends standard outputs to specific directory #PBS -o /home/kguay/out/

BLAST command breakdown

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    Load the required module system For SCGC's packages, you would use the command: module use /mod/scgc
  2. 2.
    Load the required programs, in this case, we just need SCGC's default BLAST: module load blast
  3. 3.
    Run BLAST, An example command:
blastx -query [input fasta name] -db nr -outfmt 6 -num_descriptions 10 -num_alignments 10 -evalue 0.001 -num_threads 8 -out outputblastfile.txt
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